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Halloween is a holiday in most English speaking countries, including the UK. They inspire both the spooky and the goofy in terms of décor and dressing up and has an appeal that applies to both adults, as well as children.

In terms of costumes, there are contemporary choices like film characters, as well as classic options like vampires and mummies. The same goes for decorations, some made for outdoor use, while others specifically for indoor. Halloween is a unique holiday.

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About Halloween

Halloween is an annual celebration that takes place on 31 October and involves a whole host of spooky activities, including fancy dress parties, trick or treating and scary stories. Traditionally Halloween may have developed from Christian and pagan roots, but today it is a fun festival, that is particularly designed for children to enjoy the thrill of a creepy atmosphere. A huge variety of Halloween themed merchandise is produced every year for both children and adults to enjoy the celebration. Jack o' Lantern One of the most recognisable symbols of Halloween is the Jack o' lantern, which is a carved pumpkin that is hollowed out and lit with a candle. The carved face on the side of the pumpkin projects an eerie glow when the candle is lit. It is common to buy pumpkins at this time of year to carve and display around the home. Jack o' lanterns are often featured on a whole variety of home decorations, outfits and other Halloween themed merchandise, which are typically designed in an orange and black colour scheme. Halloween costumes Fancy dress costumes have for many years been associated with the Halloween festival. Halloween parties are commonly held in homes, schools and play groups, where children dress up as skeletons, ghosts, monsters, witches or black cats for fun. Trick or treating is another traditional Halloween activity, which involves children dressed in Halloween costumes visiting local houses to ask for treats, such as chocolate and sweets, or alternatively, perform an act of mischief.