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About Holiday Cottages

Whether you're one of the lucky ones who holidays more than once a year, or you're looking for a place to stay for your annual break, opting to stay in a holiday cottage is a great choice. Holiday cottages are ideal for families and groups of friends looking to get away from it all. Plus, the fact that you have the entire space to yourself means you can really spread out and enjoy the cottage without feeling hemmed in. The UK has plenty of holiday cottages to choose from and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From super-small for a cosy couple's retreat right up to big and rambling places which are ideal for family get-togethers, there's bound to be a holiday cottage that's right for your own personal circumstances. Choose from holiday cottages set in their own grounds if you really want to get away from it all, or alternatively opt for a holiday cottage that shares the same grounds as a holiday lodge. This way, you'll never be lost for things to do as entertainment is often on site and you can even have a break from cooking as restaurants and cafes can always be found at holiday lodges. Holiday cottages aren't just to be found in the UK though - you can also choose to stay in them abroad too. If you're travelling in a large group it can often make sound financial sense to choose holiday cottage accommodation as it often works out substantially cheaper and you get more space to enjoy too.