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    Published byaspire-hair
    Quality Human Hair Lace Wigs

    Hi there, my name is Emma and i have had alopecia universalis for nearly 13 years now. I wear my full lace wig (human hair) everyday from morning 'til bedtime so thought that by writing this guide i could...

  • Published byebayguides
    How to Properly Put on a Wig

    Wearing a wig is a simple way to change one’s hairstyle without having to spend hours in the salon getting a new cut or dye job. Quality wigs are crafted to look like real hair, and some even use real...

  • 1
    Published byebayguides
    Your Guide to Must-Have Wig Care Products

    Wigs today are used by a wide variety of women. Although they are no longer considered a status symbol, wigs can nevertheless change the look of a woman by enhancing her overall appearance and, in some...

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