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Hunter wellies are rubber wellington boots from the well-known Hunter boot company. Hunter has long produced quality rubber-soled footwear, ideal for inclement weather. In addition to being practical, many of these boots are very fashionable and they come in a wide range of colours, patterns and styles.

Hunter wellies are available in men's, women's and children's sizes. Send your little ones off to school on a rainy day and rest assured that their feet will remain warm and dry.

About Hunter Wellies

Hunter have been making their famous wellies since the mid 19th century. Originally known as the North British Rubber Company, the enterprise later to become Hunter Boot Limited was set up by American immigrant entrepreneur Henry Lee Norris at the Castle Silk Mills in Edinburgh in 1856. By 1875, the team manufacturing his popular rubber boots had grown from four to sixty strong. During the wars, the company was commissioned to make wellingtons and thigh-high trench boots, as well as other materials like ground sheets and life belts. This further established Hunter's reputation for quality and reliability, and after the war it moved to larger premises in Dumfries. The iconic green Hunter welly, sold as the Original Green, was first manufactured in 1955 as an orthopaedic boot, and launched beside the Royal Hunter, a line named to reflect the regular royal patronage which would lead to Royal Warrants from the Duke of Edinburgh and, in 1986, from the Queen. Despite its continued popularity, the company, hit by high manufacturing costs, went into administration in 2006, and relocated back to Edinburgh in 2008. The authentic Hunter wellington boot is now made overseas. The brand retains its reputation for quality and design and as a result, counterfeit Hunter wellies are sometimes offered for sale. These will tend to be of similar appearance but inferior quality. Wellies described as "Hunter wellies" but without the familiar rectangular red-bordered white "Hunter" label below the top, front edge of the boot are probably offered as being similar in style to the Hunter Original Boot, which features a comfortable ergonomic shape and a buckle-fastening side strap. Genuine Hunter wellies are available in a vast range of colours and styles, designed to appeal to welly wearers from hunters and gardeners to festival-goers.