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Those who need some of what computers have to offer but hate the bulk and overkill of even a laptop computer appreciate the versatility and portability of a tablet.

Apple’s iPad 1 introduced sleek design to the tablet market and made this medium more accessible. The iPad 1 was released in 2010 and offers solid functionality in a package measuring 24.2 cm by 19 cm by 1.2 cm and weighing 680 g. Some models even have 3G connectivity in addition to Wi-Fi. Whatever you need to stay connected, you are sure to find it. These let you work or play wherever you most want to be.

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About Apple iPad 1

The launch of the Apple iPad 1 took the technology world by storm, and it remains a popular tablet. This Apple iPad 1st generation device has many built-in functions and offers even more via downloadable apps. Use the maps to help you navigate when you travel to a new area. Add your appointments into the calendar so that you stay organised. The lightweight tablet has a 32 GB or 64 GB hard drive and uses the iOS operating system. All of this fits comfortably in your hand. The highly resolved touch screen displays sharp images on the 24-centimetre screen, where you can watch films, play games, and browse the internet via the device's Wi-Fi connectivity. You can find a new, used, or refurbished iPad 1 on eBay in black or white, which you can accessorise with an iPad 1 cover. This tablet is the ideal choice, whether you use it for reading books or browsing the internet.