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Reach out to friends, respond to business emails, and have a movie on-hand with an iPhone 4 charger that keeps your phone functioning at its fullest. It’s a huge annoyance when you’re fifteen minutes from the end of a movie and your phone dies, or when your phone’s battery gives up right in the middle of playing an important voicemail.

Several of the iPhone 4 chargers available from reliable sellers on eBay are in new or like-new condition; most let you charge in the car, from your computer, or anywhere you can find a wall outlet. Save yourself the pain of a dying phone and invest in an iPhone 4 charger.

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About iPhone 4 Chargers

The iPhone 4 has several charging options, including via PC or laptop, a plug in charger for the home, a car charger and in a docking station. You will need to decide what type of charger best suits your needs either as a replacement for a lost or damaged charger or as an additional charger for convenience. The plug in chargers for use in the home can also be used as to charge the iPhone 4 on a PC, laptop or other device with a USB port. The charger comes in two parts, a plug with a USB port for the cable and the cable itself which has the connector for the iPhone 4 on one end and USB connector on the other. You simply connect the cable to the phone and then choose to connect the other end to either the plug or PC or laptop. A car charger for the iPhone 4 has different connectors. One end will connect to the phone itself but the other to the 12V socket found in the cabin of most cars. There are some iPhone 4 chargers that have a connecting link that includes a USB port to the 12V car socket for added flexibility. The connection point for the iPhone 4 is the same as the connection or charging points of several other models of iPhone and Apple products, so may be used to charge these devices. However, care should be taken before using the iPhone 4 charger to charge another device; ensure that it is compatible and will not damage them in any way.