About iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S was a hit even before it came out in October 2011. Months in advance, comments about the new release from Apple were all over the Internet, and people pre-ordered over a million units in 24 hours. Later, Apple announced that four million were sold during the first three days after it became available. The iPhone line offers mobile phones, but the Apple way. Among the more attractive features of the 4S are the signature marks from Apple, which are present not only in other iPhone models but in any Apple product: elegant design, robustness, user-friendliness, and the attention given to every detail. In other words, it is a beautiful device does what it was meant to do, evident in the high level of costumer satisfaction found among iPhone users. Coming on the heels of the record-selling iPhone 4, the challenge for the 4S was to reach higher levels of performance, sophistication, and owner satisfaction. To accomplish these goals, the iPhone 4S combined the same external design and world cell band support of its predecessor, but also equipped with Apple's A5 chip with a dual-core processor, better Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless technologies, GPS, a digital compass, an 8 MP camera with HD-video recording capacity, and a stunning 3.5-inch widescreen multi-touch Retina display with 960x960-pixel resolution at 326 ppi. The final touch for this release was 'Siri', the voice control system introduced in this model. An interesting fact associated with the iPhone 4S: it was the first Apple product presented after Steve Jobs left the company. However, the iPhone 4S is another fine example of the quality that Jobs envisioned for each Apple product.

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