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What good is your iPhone without a charger? Dead. Utilising an iPhone charger means your phone is always fully charged and ready for use. A standard iPhone charger is approximately 6 inches long and depending on the type of mobile you have, the prongs range in amount. For example, an iPhone 5 has a 30-prong adapter. Choose from wall chargers for the home to car varieties. Each model comes with a USB port and plug.

Look for iPhones and accessories as you search the many top-rated seller shops of eBay. Get your charger in either black or white when you order directly from Apple. Some generic chargers come in different lengths, some as long as 10 feet. Many of the generic versions give you colour options.

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About iPhone Charger

When purchasing an iPhone, one of the key benefits is that there is a standardised socket for charging that can be found across other iOS devices. Although this may change every so often with the introduction of a new line of products, it is generally a good idea to purchase a few iPhone compatible chargers to ensure that power is available in various locations. All smartphones are generally 'power-hungry,' and being without power can often happen at the most inconvenient times - many iPhone chargers are designed to be carried around in the smallest of spaces. When spending extended periods of time in a car or other vehicle, this can be the ideal opportunity to top-up the charge in an iPhone battery. Car chargers are designed to be attached to the cigarette lighter socket in a vehicle, and these will not have an adverse effect on the car battery while the engine is running. For added compatibility with other devices, a USB socket car charger allows other USB device cables to be used for charging purposes. When charging an iPhone on a desk or table, an iPhone charging dock can be used that allows the phone to remain upright - this allows the user to operate the iPhone and see the screen in a natural position. When looking at iPhone dock listings, it is essential to check the list of compatible devices - each new iPhone can have a slightly different shape. If a charging dock is designed for multiple iPhones, an adaptor may be supplied to ensure that it sits tightly within the dock.