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About Junior Golf Clubs

Get the little ones out on the golf course this summer with a set of junior golf clubs. Parents who love golfing will enjoy this opportunity to bond with their kids. These miniature versions of golf clubs are perfect for the young beginner.

You can pick out just one or two junior clubs if you aren't certain whether the little ones will take to the game. A wedge and a putter work well in most situations that the young golfer encounters. The wedge works for drives and gives the ball height, while the putter gets the ball in the hole. Purchase more junior clubs as your child grows more familiar with the game.

When selecting a golf club suitable for a child, keep the handle length in mind. No golf club should be longer than 2 inches below the child's sternum. Longer golf clubs can impede your little one's swing. Teaching your child golf can be a bonding experience that lasts a lifetime, so start with the right tools for the game on eBay.