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About Kids Onesie

The onesie rapidly grew in popularity during the early 21st century. Originally designed to be worn as lounge wear, the onesie is a one piece suit that generally zips up from the crotch. There are several different styles and designs of onesie available for men, women and children. Children's onesies have been produced for three purposes: for lounge wear, for sleep wear and for fancy dress purposes. There is a huge number of different styles available: some end at the ankle, while others have feet included - sometimes with grips on the sole - for added warmth and comfort. Some children's onesies also feature a hood to keep the head warm. Both thicker and thinner children's onesies are available, meaning that there are onesies suitable for all times of year. Onesies are made for children of all ages, from babies to older children and teenagers. There is a huge amount of choice available when it comes to the design of kids' onesies. Some kids' onesies are unisex, but there are also designs that are specifically tailored to either boys or girls. Some onesies are simply plain, in one block colour, while others feature patterns in the form of stripes, spots or other patterns. Others are designed with popular kids' films or cartoon characters emblazoned on the onesie, while there are even kids' onesies available in the colours of football and other sports teams. Some onesies are designed to look like animals or monsters, often with hoods that resemble the animals head, and feet to resemble the feet of the animal.