About Kindle

The Kindle is an e-reader device that allows users to read books on the go. The Kindle was designed to stop the need for carrying countless paper books, when you can store many electronic versions of them on one small, lightweight device. The first Kindle was released by Amazon in 2007, and many iterations of the hardware have been made since. Most models of the Kindle use state of the art E Ink electronic paper displays - this means that the screen on the Kindle appears to resemble ink written on paper. The technology lets users read without the feeling that they are staring at a screen for hours on end, and it also allows them to read out doors, as there is little to no glare on the E ink screens. The displays also take very little energy to use, extending the battery life by a matter of weeks. The Kindle Fire, the Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Touch are other variants of the original. More akin to a traditional tablet, the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD allow you to browse the web, download and use applications, play games and play music - you can still read a book on these devices too, but they use OLED screens instead of the paper display technology. The Kindle Touch operates in the same way as the original Kindle, except it allows the user to touch the screen to navigate, rather than use the buttons that the original Kindle provides.