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Much of your day is spent on your feet, so when it comes time to sit, your Laura Ashley sofa is there to make you comfortable. Choose from a plethora of floral designs, sophisticated styles, and soft cushions.

The sofa is the centrepiece of a room, so make sure it complements the decor while also accommodating everyone in the household. Make coming home the best part of the day with a Laura Ashley sofa.

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About Laura Ashley Sofas

Laura Ashley is perhaps one of the most recognisable names in the British fashion, design and furnishings industry. Born in Wales in 1925, Laura Ashley began her career making furnishing materials in the 1950s. During her extraordinary career she progressed into different areas of fashion and design, conquering the world with her iconic, often romantic 19th century inspired designs. She sadly passed away in 1985 as an icon of British industry and global design, leaving behind her a legacy of outstanding creative design and ethical manufacture. Today her legacy for innovation, creativity and impeccable design quality remains in the Laura Ashley range of products. Material selection and build quality are of paramount importance to achieve a very high-end, luxury finished product. The Laura Ashley range of sofas offer the customer a real sense of style and sumptuous, romantic design. The 19th century influence remains evident in much of her work and the attention to detail, while exquisite soft focused design and a strong desire to make every piece as comfortable as possible means that each sofa is a timeless piece of furniture. The patterns and designs have stood the test of time and are unlikely to go out of fashion because of this. For those with a real sense of design and a discerning eye a Laura Ashley sofa is a very good option when furnishing your home. It will fill the room with a sense of occasion whilst retaining a very homely and welcoming feel. There is a large selection of sofa size and style to choose from, each one as well designed and lovingly produced as the next.