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About LED Tube

LED tube lights replace the old fluorescent tube lighting that is still commonly found in offices and warehouses. LED lights are just as bright, and come with clear or frosted lenses in a range of colour temperatures. They have no warm-up time, unlike fluorescent tube lights, and they last longer than fluorescents. They are even more energy-efficient, and need no maintenance at all. Another of the major benefits of LED lighting over fluorescent lighting is that LEDs are completely non-toxic. Fluorescent lights, on the other hand, contain trace amounts of mercury, which can be dangerous if the bulb or tube breaks. LED tube lights come in a variety of lengths that are suitable for business and industrial applications, as well as for homes. These lights are perfect for garages, closets, or even as accent lighting in a kitchen or den. eBay has a wide selection of LED lights for all your tube lighting needs.