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About Leicester Buses

As with other cities in the United Kingdom, Leicester has had a public bus network for decades. Many items of memorabilia can be owned that are of the buses which have been in this city, such as photographs. A photograph from the 1950s and 1960s of a Leicester-bus are highly collectable and can be added to other photographs of Leicester. As Leicester has experienced significant rebuilding, in particular after the end of the Second World War, photographs of its buses can be added to a historic collection to commemorate the history of the city.

Other memorabilia can be bought

Memorabilia of Leicester buses can also consist of models. Sold either in a box or as a stand-alone item, bus models are highly collectable. Not only can an adult own a model of a Leicester-bus but also children. When a young boy plays with cars, a Leicester bus can be bought for them. Designed in many colours that are similar to the buses that were driven in this city, a child can own several buses that are different from each other. The size of a bus model varies from one to another. As well as a large model that can be put onto a shelf, a smaller bus can be added to a car collection which a child plays with.