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The MacBook Pro by Apple is considered to be one of the most advanced notebooks of its time. Features include an impressive retina display, all-flash architecture, fourth-generation Intel processors, thin and light 13-inch and 15-in designs, and ease of use.

Whether you use the MacBook Pro for work or personal use is entirely up to you, but many find it ideal for heavy bandwidth, gaming, streaming, and creative uses.

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About MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is a line of laptops from electronic giants, Apple. Apple was founded in 1976 by revolutionary trio, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Today, Apple is arguably the most respected technology giant in the industry, boasting products such as the iPad, iPod, iMac, iPhone and or course, the MacBook Pro. MacBook Pro The MacBook Pro was introduced in 2006 and is considered a premium model in the MacBook range, due to its aluminium body, superior display and high powered processor. The MacBook Pro range runs on the OS X operating system and is available in 13 or 15 inch screens, however, there was previously a 17 inch version. Innovative features on the MacBook Pro include the magnetic power cable, which enables easy connection for the user and stops the machine from being pulled from its surface should the cable be pulled. Another feature on the MacBook Pro is the iSight built in webcam. Second Generation The second model was known as the 'unibody' model, and was released in 2008. The main differences between the second model and its predecessor, is that the newer offering is slimmer and constructed from a single sheet of aluminium. By 2009, the second generation was available in the larger, 17 inch screen size. Third Generation In 2012 Apple released their third generation of MacBook Pro. The laptop is only available in a 15 inch display, but is the first to feature Pro Retina Display; liquid crystal display which is so precise that the human eye is unable to detect pixels, for a sharp, high definition display.