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  • Published byguidesy0ucantrust
    Apple MacBook Pro v Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus

    Although the current trend is for ever smaller, thinner and lighter devices, for anyone who needs a bit of power there’s certainly still a place for a more solid, substantial laptop. Apple’s MacBook Pro...

  • Published byebayguides
    How to Buy Apple MacBook Pro Laptop Power Adapters

    Power adapters are required to provide an electrical connection for all Apple MacBook laptops including MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air systems. These Magsafe adapters get their name from the magnetic...

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About MacBook Pro 15

The MacBook Pro 15-inch laptop is not just a blazing fast computer; some consider it a work of art. Whether you are a professional graphic artist editing images before an important viewing or simply want a powerful machine with a good range of capabilities, this computer is ideal. With many laptops to choose from on eBay, the discerning buyer can see that the MacBook Pro line offers a unique choice. The distinctive aluminium MacBook Pro 15 unibody casing and the glowing white Apple logo on the back are a familiar sight, making those with boring black laptops turn green with envy. Of course, the MacBook Pro 15 is not just about looks. On the inside, it is a workhorse, with robust processors that offer fast performance and a large-capacity solid state hard drive. The MacBook Pro 15-inch laptop also features an LED-backlit Retina display with over 15 million pixels and a 2880x800 resolution, making text appear crisp and giving pictures an almost life-like clarity.