About Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses give an impression of being light and free, while also being stylish. Maxi dresses typically reach the floor, depending on how tall you are. Designers from Ralph Lauren to Moschino, Gap to Topshop; have maxi dresses that make an appearance. You can dress up the dress with a fitted blazer and nice heels, or dress it down with sandals and a chunky sweater. Versatile enough to bring on vacation, you can wear the dress over a bathing suit or as you transition from the shower to your room. Usually made with cotton material, the patterns available are endless. While colour blocking creates a statement, leopard or zebra prints also stand out. Some maxi dresses can be tied at the bottom to appear shorter in length and also give the gown a different look. Silk maxi dresses are a bit more formal, but breate in hot weather or keep you warm on cool summer evenings. To dress up any maxi dress, add a long necklace that lands somewhere between your bellybutton and collarbones to match the length of the dress. Most maxi dresses are sleeveless, but some might have short sleeves of varying length. Be sure you are comfortable in whatever style or fit you choose, as well as colour and pattern. By itself, the maxi dress is noticable and iconic, but paired with the right accessories, shoes, or blazer and the dress is elevated to a different kind of style. Long dresses have been in style for decades, so the evolution of the maxi dress may never become obsolete.

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