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About Men's Duffle Coats

Although the traditional or vintage style of men's duffle coats is plain in nature with a number of toggles, this design has been adapted by the fashion industry to create a number of outer garments that retain the original 'duffle' features. This type of coat has a heavier feel than equivalent jackets for men, and it is therefore ideal for use during the colder months of the year. Historically, the duffle coat has been fastened with a series of toggles, but many modern designers are incorporating oversized buttons into the design. There are a number of duffle coats and jackets that have extra features incorporated to make them particularly suitable for the winter season. When a zip is included underneath the button or toggle fastened layer, this adds an extra level of protection from cold air that may be encountered during the winter months. Other coats have an extra lining within the existing duffle material, and thicker linings will enable the body to retain as much heat as possible. When the internal layer is extended into an attached hood, this also provides additional comfort to the user's head and neck, two areas that are particularly susceptible to cold air. Fashion trends can vary wildly, and when retro designs are in 'vogue,' there will always be a number of fashion designers that are looking to put appearance ahead of function. This tradition may have been started by the need for a durable and warming coat for naval personnel, but the general old fashioned look has been recreated in a number of unique styles.