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About Mens Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Few debate the need for a decent protective jacket when riding a motorbike, to protect against abrasions, impact and piercing injuries. Irving Schott created the first leather motorcycle jacket in 1928, and it has been a style staple ever since. A leather biker jacket wards off rain, hail, sleet, snow and wind while also keeping extreme temperatures at bay, in colder weather body heat is retained. Leather is incredibly comfortable and long-lasting and provides stronger resistance to abrasion than many synthetic fibres. What?s more, it?s softer than its textile counterpart and easier to repair than fabric. There are versions to fit men and women, and, like the ladies? versions, men?s leather jackets come in a variety of colours and sizes. Equally, the jackets come in different grains of leather, short or long and different thicknesses measured in millimetres. Clearly, with thicker leather, you will enjoy greater protection. Strength will vary, from a garment which is little better than cosmetic to something able to withstand the demands of racing. Have your jacket roomy enough to fit a warm jumper underneath when necessary, and look for shoulder and elbow armour plates. Stitching and seams need to be strong at potential impact points, and it?s also worth looking at details like zippers and pockets. If these seem to have been done well, the rest of the jacket should also be well constructed. If you ride a lot at night, or in all weathers, look for reflective or white strips and a brighter coloured model. There should also be vents to cool you in hot weather.