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Go beyond your favourite pair of trainers: Men's shoes come in a range of classic designs that provide comfort and style with everything from a suit and tie to a polo shirt and chinos.

Try a pair of slip-on loafers for a touch of easy-to-wear sophistication or opt for a pair of rope-soled canvas espadrilles. Alternatively, you can dress up an outfit with a smart pair of Oxfords or brogues. Let the right men's shoes transform your wardrobe.

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About Mens Shoes

The old saying, 'you can never have too many shoes' usually applies to women's footwear collections, but these days, many men aren't far behind. The trend for keeping up with each new season's must have key pieces has meant men's shoes have had to keep up with the pace. Whereas in years gone by men may have simply had one pair of shoes, these days most men have at least three (if not substantially more). Classic style The look of men's shoes hasn't changed much over the years. Brogues are still incredibly popular, as too, are plain black or brown leather lace-ups. These styles score highly in terms of function, looks and comfort so it's little wonder they continue to be so popular among men of all ages. Retro As with clothing, what men choose to wear on their feet can make a real statement about their personality, likes and dislikes. For instance, if a man chooses to wear a pair of Chelsea boots it's more than likely that he'll be a fan of mod culture. Classic Adidas trainers, meanwhile, may point to a love of the 1990s. Contemporary As men have embraced fashion more and more, so too has the footwear industry. While once you may have only been able to choose from a few styles of men's shoes, you can now have hundreds to rifle through. Footwear designers have also added in an element of fun by giving soles and laces bold injections of colour, and adding patterns to leather and canvas uppers.