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The wind in your face on the open road gives you that exhilarating feeling you love when riding a motorcycle. However, the proper motorcycle boots keep your feet and ankles safe, whilst maximising your riding experience.

Made of leather, plastic, nylon, and other durable fabrics and materials, motorcycle boots help stabilise your feet when leaning into turns and hitting top speeds. To enjoy the power and freedom of your bike, make safety number one and then surrender to fun.

About Motorcycle Boots

A pair of motorcycle boots is one of the essential items of protective equipment that a rider should wear whilst riding a motorcycle. Like other types of motorcycle wear, motorcycle boots are designed to provide adequate protection from the impact and abrasive action of the road during a crash. Motorcycle boots are produced in a variety of designs and sizes for both women and men. Material Most motorcycle boots are produced from thick leather or Gore Tex, which offer the necessary level of protection in the case of a crash, whilst also remaining flexible and waterproof. Features Choosing the right type of boot for riding motorcycles should be based on more than just comfort. In fact, a motorcycle boot should fully cover the foot, ankle and shin to protect all the bones, joints and ligaments that make up the foot. The height of the boot may vary, depending on the preference of the rider, but options include high top boots for full coverage, and half boots, which are shorter and leave the shin exposed. Motorcycle boots often include different types of closure, which help to keep the rider?s legs and feet comfortable and dry. The closures of a boot protect the rider?s feet from water running down the leg into the boot. The type of closure you choose can depend on your preference, but they are typically in the form of laces, Velcro or buckles. Cheaper boots tend to offer less protection than more expensive options, so it is always worth spending more when budget allows. Better quality boots are generally stitched rather than glued together.