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About Novelty Christmas Jumpers

There is only one time of the year that we can wear novelty clothing and not feel or look out of place, and that is the festive season. The novelty jumper is becoming as much of a Christmas tradition as turkey, mince pies and carol singing. Whether you have been naughty or nice this year, it is your duty to make yourself look as silly as possible! The first decision you have to make when choosing your novelty Christmas jumper is whether you are going for a character or a pattern. If you want to go for a pattern, your options are mainly centred around Christmas puddings, snowflakes and Christmas trees. Many novelty jumpers are also adorned with one or more of the following festive characters: The friendly snowman, with his scarf and carrot nose is one of the most common novelty jumper characters. Penguins are another popular character for novelty Christmas jumpers. They?re not just black and white at Christmas time and can be found in a number of weird and wonderful colour combinations. Rudolph, with his oversized antlers and red nose is a classic character for your Christmas jumper. For that added touch of silliness, look for a jumper with an oversized red nose, which may even glow or squeak! Used in recent times by Coca-Cola in their famous Christmas adverts, the polar bear is a great choice for those looking for the cute and cuddly look.