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About Adult Onesies

Onesies are a clothing craze that has swept the United Kingdom over the past few years. Worn as both pyjamas and lounge wear, onesies, as the name suggests, are all in ones that can be worn by children and adults alike. Adult onesies come in many designs including bold patterns, famous cartoon characters, animals and simple plain colours. Although the appearance varies widely, the same basic design is always constant; all an all in one play suit with holes for the head, feet and hands, and a zip fastening up the front. Some onesies also have a hood for extra warmth and a more dramatic effect when posing as a character or animal! Adult onesies can bring out the playful and childish side of just about anyone, and whether you want to go for a wacky design or a more subtle, understated simple onesie one thing is for sure; they are the ultimate in comfortable clothing. Most onesies are made from a fleecy fabric or polyester, making them soft on your skin for optimum comfort and cosiness. Although originally intended as sleepwear, and widely worn as such, many people are now opting to wear onesies as fancy dress costumes, taking them out of the home and out into the world for all to see. This is no doubt down to the vast array of animals and characters that are available, and often at a fraction of the price of a traditional fancy dress costume. However and wherever you choose to wear your onesie, you will certainly be comfortable.