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About Pastel Wallpaper

Keeping up with new fads and trends in your home is a long-term process. If you are thinking of updating your home then looking at the walls are a great place to start. When thinking of choosing wallpaper for your walls, consider the colour, texture and design thoughtfully and wisely, because you are the one who will be living with it.

Selecting Wallpaper Type

At the moment pastel wallpaper is particularly popular and you can do marvellous things with the various styles. Pastel wallpapers can make your room look and feel cool, serious, warm or homely. Selecting a pastel wallpaper need not be limiting, because there are many formats ranging from plain, lined, patterned, multi-colour, floral, wildlife, lines etc, to choose from. You also have the choice of going for something that is durable, lightweight or something that is heavy with some ingrained embossing or other kind of texture especially in kitchen, hallways and bathrooms.

First and foremost it is important to pay attention to size and feel of the room and then pick a nice pastel shade. Keep in mind the fact that pastel or lighter colours do have a calming and positive effect on people. So if you are someone like that then focus on some pastel shades.

Size and Shape of Space

If the area is small and has a lower ceiling, select a muted pastel shade with a vertical pattern. For bigger rooms choose bolder and, more vibrant colours as there will be a lot of walls to paper.

Although pastel shade wallpapers are a lot less expensive to buy, many of them are wipeable, scratch resistant and if cared for properly can last for ages.