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A personalised birthday banner can turn any birthday party into a special event. If you have a theme for your party, you can include appropriate images on the banner. For full customisation, include an image of the birthday boy or girl.

Banners vary in size, from solid rectangles to buntings with flags. Buntings can also be personalised, including the design of the flag and the ribbon that holds them together. Enhance your child’s party with a personalised birthday banner.

About Personalised Birthday Banners

A great way of displaying your affection for a friend, family or loved one, it?s easy to see why so many people choose a personalised banner to make a birthday celebration extra special. Attempting to make your own can be time consuming, and those of us that aren?t as good at arts and crafts can end up with something that isn?t up to scratch. Luckily, there?s a huge range of personalised birthday banners available that can be designed and printed professionally. Choosing a design Each banner comes with its own design, so choosing one that suits the theme of your celebration and the birthday boy/girl should be your first concern. The range of designs available is staggering: pick between a favourite movie, band or TV show; choose a football team?s crest or a computer game for example. Extra details and sizes Banners also vary in the ways that they can be personalised. Most banners will come with space for a name and age to be added, but some can be made even more special with a selection of photos or images supplied by you. Of course, there?s also the decision of where you want your banner to hang, with various sizes and shapes to choose between. Some banners will fit over a door, or stretch over a wall. Alternatively, personalised bunting can be hung around your party for a variety of uses, over virtually any surface: so there?s no fear of ending up with a banner that?s too big for your venue.