About Pirate

Pillaging, stealing, swashbuckling and scurvy all define stereotypical pirates of yesteryear. However, pirate toys for children aim to serve a different purpose since they add to joy rather than steal it away. Pirate toys for children can be any number of products from full costumes to pirate dolls. Lego by Dupolo makes pirate Lego sets that children can assemble, display and take apart as much as they would like. For the boy or girl that enjoys pirates, a pirate party might be a good idea. Purchase a pirate pinata, tablecloth and a fake pirate treasure chest. You can fill the pirate chest with chocolate coins wrapped in faux silver and gold. Give the children eye patches and fake parrots for their shoulders and let them pretend they are the next Captain Jack Sparrow of "Pirates of the Caribbean". Fake swords and fake vintage guns also add to the pirate fantasy. Even playing Captain Hook from "Peter Pan" is easy enough with the right hat and a plastic hook for a hang. Adding a ticking clock completes the illusion of Hook's pirate get-up. For the adult male that is pirate-bound, you can dress up as Barbarossa, Black Bart, Captain Kidd or even Blackbeard. Adult women can dress as Mary Read, the famous English Pirate, or Anne Bonney of Ireland. Whatever their inspiration, children pretending to play a pirate are bound to enjoy themselves with a few of the requisite pirate items, from eye patches to fake peg-legs, they can be any pirate they wish.

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