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About Power Rangers

In 1993, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers hit Western television screens for the first time. Now, under the simplified name of Power Rangers, the franchise is still going strong. Much of the footage comes from its Japanese counterpart, which led to a good deal of jokes in the early days about the comically bad dubbing and mismatched footage, as well as the poorly executed fight sequences. But none of this mattered, as children loved the Power Rangers and the franchise went on to sell huge amounts of merchandise. Everything from action figures of the rangers themselves and the Zords, machines they piloted into battle, sold throughout the world. The Power Rangers followed the well trodden format of the superhero, with ordinary lives that were constantly interrupted by the evil enemies that force them to morph into the Power Rangers and save the world. It was simple good vs evil entertainment that proved a smash hit and two films received theatrical releases while others have been circulated via straight to DVD release. There have been numerous spinoffs and even more iterations of the Power Rangers over the years, but the basic premise is the same. With a global audience that loves the format there is no reason to change it and, in 2007, there was even a Power Rangers convention in the US: Power Morphicon. Now fans of the series have created a healthy demand for merchandise both old and new and the films continue to do well.