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About Raleigh Burner

Although BMX biking became popular in the US in the 1970s, it did not take off in the UK until the 1980s. In 1982, Raleigh's Burner became the first popular BMX model in the UK. Produced until the late 80s, the Burner is increasingly popular with BMX enthusiasts, but also very rare. There are six different Raleigh Burner frames: the MK1, MK1 Pro Burner, MK2, MK2 Aero Pro Burner and the Team Frame. In 2007, Raleigh produced a MK3 Burner model in limited numbers. In 1985, Raleigh released the Team Raleigh Andy Ruffell Team Special to commemorate Andy Ruffell, a famous professional BMX biker, joining the Raleigh Factory BMX Team. This model is still considered so significant within BMX culture that there are entire internet forums dedicated to it, and in 1985, Waddingtons Games even released a Burner board game. It is still possible to buy complete Raleigh Burners, but many enthusiasts find it cheaper and easier to construct their own Burners out of authentic parts. The original Raleigh Mag Burner MK1 BMX has a carbospec 23 frame, a high tensile steel 40T chrome plated chain wheel, high tensile steel V bar 580 mm handlebars, a TANGE AW27 headset, Weinmann Alloy Type 1020 brakes, an 88L x 1/2 x 1/8 chain, SUGINO Maxy Cross PD-MX-1 plastic pedals, SIMPLEX 7 spokes plastic hubs, 20x 2.125 front tyres, and 20x 1.75 rear tyres.