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A perfect combination of casual and smart, the Ralph Lauren polo shirt has been a staple choice since the early 1970s. A comfortable yet tailored look with a trim, spruce collar, this iconic top comes in more than two dozen shades and pairs handsomely with everything from jeans to skirts or chinos.

Keep a few styles for variety. A Ralph Lauren polo shirt transitions seamlessly from the office to the pub, offering a wash-and-wear style that looks crisp and smart.

About Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

The iconic polo shirt is the item of clothing most intimately associated with the prestigious Ralph Lauren clothing brand. First introduced in 1972, the Ralph Lauren polo shirt became an instant design classic and, to this day, the collared, short sleeved top with its famous polo player logo remains, for the many fans of the brand, an emblem of effortless American style, understated elegance and excellent taste. When it was first launched, the polo shirt was offered in a range of twenty four colours. However, since those early days, new colours and limited edition polo shirts designed for men and women, boys and girls are débuted every season. The ever changing designs of Ralph Lauren polo shirts has resulted in each new season?s collection being awaited with anticipation and some fans of the Ralph Lauren brand like to freshen up their wardrobe by adding new polo shirts to their collection every year. As well as being made in an ever increasing range of colours, fabrics and prints, today's Ralph Lauren polo shirts are also available in slim and custom fits and with short or long sleeves. Shirts that are released as limited editions may sell out quickly, so anyone who is intent on finding a Ralph Lauren polo shirt from a particular season or in a particular design may find that he or she is unable to purchase a new shirt in the size required and that the best bet is to keep an eye out for a pre-loved garment.