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Take on the open road with a Range Rover Sport, a compact model first introduced in 2005. Lower to the ground and equipped with a more compact chassis than traditional models, it handles and performs like a luxury sports utility vehicle.

The layout boasts a standard front engine and four wheel drive. A mid-sized luxury SUV, the Range Rover Sport transitions easily from civilised streetscapes to open country. Carpool to work, or pack the whole family in for a weekend outing.

About Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover Sport is the original Sport Utility Vehicle that has helped create a whole genre of cars for those that want the solidity and imposing nature of a 4x4 and yet still demand luxury and performance. It has become an icon and the world's leading manufacturers have tried and largely failed to copy its successful formula. The first generation of Range Rover Sport rolled off the production line in 2005 and the shorter version of Range Rover's larger cars was an immediate hit. Sat on a Discovery 3's semi-monocoque chassis it was smaller and its raked roofline gave the Sport a more aggressive look that went down a storm with urban buyers. It even spawned a derisory nickname, the Chelsea Tractor, referring to the fact that cars like the Range Rover Sport would never go off-road, even though it remained surprisingly capable on off-road courses. Land Rover embraced the image to an extent and even invited Victoria Beckham to design a car. With a supercharged 4.2-litre engine producing 390bhp the original Range Rover Sport was as fast as many sportscars in a straight line, although its weight counted against it in the corners. There were cheaper drivetrain options, too, including a naturally-aspirated petrol engine and a turbodiesel. The car received a minor facelift in 2009 and an all-new version was finally unveiled in 2013. The new car is even more of a lifestyle statement, with reduced emphasis on off-road performance and more on its handling and speed. The Range Rover Sport has carved out its own niche and even though it has its share of detractors, it has sold in spades around the world. As it is less utilitarian than other Land Rover products, it is also popular with the tuners and everything from chromed finishing touches to full bodykits and aftermarket wheels are available on the open market.