About Rangers

The Rangers Football Club is one of the oldest and most decorated clubs in the world. The Rangers were first formed in the late 19th century, and had already established a precedent of excellence by the turn of the century. They are the winners of more league titles and trebles than any other team in the world, claiming the league title nine consecutive years from the 1988-89 season until 1996-97 season. They have won the league title, Scottish Cup, and Scottish League Cup dozens of times each and have also earned the treble for claiming all three titles in the same season over half a dozen times. The team's all-time league win record stands at 100 per cent, with less than a one-half per cent loss rate. The Rangers have claimed over 100 world record trophies, and hold the record for most world record league titles. Based in Glasgow, the Rangers are long-time rivals of Celtic, also based in Glasgow. The two teams are commonly referred to as the Old Firm, and the clubs have played approximately 400 times in their teams' history. The Rangers are one of ten founder teams of the Scottish Football League that was formed in 1890. They played in the league's top division until the end of the 2011-2012 season, when financial insolvency resulted in the team being removed from the Scottish premier league. The Rangers remain of the most popular and well-supported teams in the entire European continent. Their average attendance is approximately 45,000 per game, a number that often ranks in the top 20 for European clubs. With its incredible record and widespread fan base, the Rangers stand as one of the most prominent football clubs in the history of the sport.

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