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    Published bykaspertopdog
    Yu-Gi-Oh - How to use YuGiOh Cards

    In this guide I will teach you how to use YuGiOh cards and how to distinguish the difference between different YuGiOh sets and the different card rarities. I have learnt this from my experience as a yugioh...

  • 20
    Published byjarni26
    Parents guide to buying Yu-gi-oh cards

    Yu-gi-oh trading card game is a game that is loved by both young children and big kids (parents) alike.  With championships worldwide its far more then just a playground game. With cards worth quite abit...

  • 10
    Published bybanyera
    Japanese Yu-gi-oh Card Rarity (Inc. Normal Rare List)

    The Rarity for Japanese Konami Cards differs slightly from English Cards as there are actually more "Types" of Card. Also Japanese Cards have never been printed with 1st Edition - Instead cards that are...

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