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For many, British history is synonymous with the Royal Navy. The senior service has been protecting Britain's shores and the entire globe for hundreds of years to the point that almost every Briton's ancestry includes at least one member.

That is why Royal Navy collectables are so common. They tie families to their past and the country. For many families, these items are more than just things, they are treasures and memories. Keep your family treasures.

About Royal Navy

The Royal Navy is the Senior Service of the British Armed Forces, and on ceremonial occasions takes precedence over the Army and Royal Air Force. The Naval Service comprises the Fleet Air Arm, responsible for operating naval aircraft, the Royal Marines, a specialised amphibious light infantry, and the Submarine Service. The Royal Navy has protected British interests at home and abroad for centuries, and as a part of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, is committed to a wider role including peacekeeping and humanitarian duties. Artefacts and memorabilia from naval ships are very desirable items for veterans, historians and collectors alike. Every naval ship and shore establishment has a ship's badge, and reproductions make excellent wall plaques, especially for those who served in a particular ship or training base. Service badge collectables include headdress bands embroidered with the name of a ship, rank and trade badges, and ornate officers' hat badges, especially those pre-dating Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's reign with a king's crown. Enamelled badges and modern pin badges depicting naval service and attachments are popular items for collectors. Naval medals and meal sets are very collectable and can fetch high prices, especially if the recipient was decorated for bravery, from World War One to the present day. Naval clothing ranges from full dress uniforms and sets of naval cuff-links to ratings tops, and includes waterproof smocks, ribbed jumpers, shirts, trousers and boots. Both new and secondhand items are available, and are well made and durable.