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About Santa Suit

Derived from the legends of St. Nicholas and the Dutch Sinterklass, Santa Claus is one of, if not the best known character in all of Western culture. Said to come the day before Christmas to deliver gifts and presents to the best behaved children, Santa Claus is a symbol of charity, goodwill and hope. There is no better way to add a sprinkle of Christmas cheer to the festivities than dressing up as the big man himself to come and talk to the children, or to deliver the gifts on Christmas Eve. It is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, and one that is characteristic, with people dressed as Santa Claus appearing at events and parties around Europe and America. Designs and interpretation of Santa Claus have changed over time, but the most popular design is of that with red material, white trim, and often, a white beard. As the Santa Suit is usually manufactured by fancy dress companies, there is often no conventional sizing, so customers are advised to check with the individual listing to make sure they are purchasing the right size. Materials used to manufacture the Santa Suits vary from place to place, and change wildly between prices. Whilst some may seem to be a remarkably low price, this may be because they are made of cheap fabric, designed for its short use around the Christmas period. This may disappoint customers who wish to get further use out of the costume, and who might want to invest a small amount more in buying a quality costume.