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About SDS Drill

SDS drills can handle tough jobs that standard drills are just not up to. Featuring a hammer action that can be hundreds of times more powerful than that of a normal hammer drill, SDS drills can easily drill, hammer, and chisel their way through concrete or stone.

Those looking for SDS drills can choose from a wide range of options on eBay. Buyers can choose from wireless models or corded drills that use SDS and SDS-Plus drill bits, or can opt for the even larger and more powerful SDS-Max drills. Some drills are available as standalone units, while others include a set of SDS drill bits. Buyers can choose drills based on the maximum diameter of holes they can drill, their maximum impact energy, their rotational speed, or the number of blows per minute they can deliver. Whatever the material that stands in their way, buyers can purchase an SDS drill and start drilling through with ease.