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    Published bysew-select

    What is Velcro? Velcro is a registered trademark and a brand of hook and loop fastener. The name has become so popular that it is now the generic term for any two piece fastener with nylon hooks on one...

  • Published byebayguides
    Top 6 Shoes for Doctors

    Anyone in the medical field understands that standing and walking are a big part of the day. Doctors who make rounds and perform surgery can spend all day on their feet. Wearing comfortable, sturdy shoes...

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    Published bysarahs1507
    Katie Price Hair - Which size velcro rollers?

    Which size rollers is Katie price wearing in her hair? Katie Price - What Size is her rollers? Katie Price is wearing velcro or cling rollers in her hair the sizes are 32m (yellow), 40mm (blue), 61mm (green)...