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About Silicone Grease

Silicone grease is a multi-purpose paste, typically made from silicone oil and thickener. It is a white translucent paste or gel that is available in tubes or tubs for easy application and is designed to be thick and durable. Due to its specific properties, silicone grease has a variety of household uses including sealing, lubricating and preservation. Waterproof Primarily, silicone grease is a waterproof substance, which does not dissolve in water, alcohol and most other liquids. This makes it an excellent water barrier and lubricator for submerged equipment and for pipes and fittings in high water areas, such as bathrooms and showers. Electric insulation Silicone grease is an excellent electrical insulator and doesn?t deteriorate when exposed to a high voltage. This means it can be used on electrical contacts and switches to lubricate or seal connectors whilst avoiding arcing. Lubricant Where rubber, glass and plastics may cause friction, silicone grease can be applied for lubrication. It can also be used in cases where metal is in contact with rubber or plastic. Protection Silicone grease also protects plastic, metallic and rubber parts from deterioration and corrosion without damaging or weakening it. This makes silicone grease particularly useful for machinery, plumbing and car maintenance. Other uses There are many household objects in which silicone grease is commonly used, such as fountain pens, flashlights, light bulbs, door hinges and shower heads. It is commonly used in many industries, and due to its inert nature, silicone grease can also be safely used in chemical and food industries.