About Sofa Beds

A sofa bed is one of the coolest multifunctional furniture pieces ever made. This quick-change artist is a sofa hiding a secret: a pullout bed. A sofa bed is a good option for people who often have guests stay over and don't have a separate guest room, or have kids who like to have sleepovers. The good thing about sofa beds is that they come in different sizes. Some are double, some are single, and some are even small single beds. Furthering a sofa bed's disguise is the fact that on the outside, they look like a regular sofa. You can purchase a leather sofa bed, a microfibre sofa bed, or just a regular fabric sleeper. The bed portion is usually easy to pull out and replace when you're done with it. A sofa bed ensures that you never have to worry about where overnight guests will sleep, or rearrange your family's sleeping situation to make room for a guest or family member. In most cases, you can't even tell that a sofa is concealing a bed; they look just like any other type of sofa. There are a wide array of fabrics, designs, and styles to choose from when you are choosing a sofa bed. Whoever invented the sofa bed was really on to something. Now, if only someone will invent a desk chair that is also a recliner, we will really be in business. Mixing comfort with function is the best way to describe a sofa bed, and it's something that most people get a lot of use out of, even if it's just a place to crash when your husband is snoring and you can't sleep.

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