About Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone

When the huge Swedish phone manufacturer, Ericsson teamed up with world-leader Sony in 2001, it was a partnership made in heaven. Ericsson brought with its unique and truly global brand of mobile communications, while Sony brought decades of ground-breaking audio then video products into the mix. The resulting Sony Ericsson partnership brought the world truly high-fidelity mobile communications. Ericsson alone had over 20,000 research and development engineers, while Sony had its huge experience of consumer Hi-Fi, video, and increasingly then games market. The resulting mobile phones were not only extremely high-quality audio handsets, but many of them could play games and even take pictures, which was something that at the time was nearly unheard of. Sony Ericsson phones were chunky, funky mobiles that not only sounded great, but were built to such a high design and quality, they would often survive in situations where others would sadly have given up the ghost and fallen apart. There are anecdotal stories of Sony Ericsson phones surviving in washing machines on a spin cycle, only needing drying out on a radiator for a while, popping back together, and working flawlessly. Sony Ericsson faced a strong challenge when Apple released the iPhone in 2007, and with the global recession from 2008 to 2010, the company's market share had fallen back considerably. In 2012, Sony bought Ericsson out of the company, and rebranded it Sony Mobile Communications, and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony. Sony Mobile Communications now concentrates all its considerable resources into the smartphone market, with the Xperia brand of smartphones as one of its strongest contenders.

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