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About Stair Nosing

Aside from creating a neat finish to the forward edge of the stairs, a stair nosing has more to offer a household or establishment. These very useful finishing pieces also cover the edges to prevent wear and damages, extend the life of floor coverings, and prevent trip hazards. When buying stair nosing pieces, take note of the shape of the stairs. Buy a square stair nosing for steps that are at a 90-degree angle to the tread, a bull-nosed stair nosing for steps with a rounded edge, and a raked-back stair nosing for steps that sit at an 83-degree angle to the tread.

A stair nosing typically comes in an aluminium material that is light but durable, as well as easy to drill, bond, or tape. On eBay, buyers can also choose a stair nosing made of anodised aluminium, which offers enhanced corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Wood and PVC types of stair nosing are also available on eBay. For many people, stairs look incomplete without stair nosing pieces. They serve as a valuable investment to protect stair edges and prevent accidents.