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About Strictly Come Dancing Annual

Since it first hit our screens in an explosion of glitter and sequins back in 2004 Strictly Come Dancing has become a British institution and spawned copycat shows all over the world which have proved just as popular as the British original. Due to its incredible popularity you can pick up tons of fun paraphernalia surrounding the show, including a Strictly Come Dancing annual for each year that the show has been running. You’ll find all sorts of fascinating information and insights into the show in every Strictly Come Dancing annual as well as everything you want to know about each year’s contestants and the dancers who appear regularly.

In each Strictly Come Dancing annual you’ll find several chapters discussing different aspects of the show, interviews with celebrity fans, contestants, and professional dancers, lots of info about the Strictly Judges and how the show is filmed, as well as news about previous series and other Strictly spin offs being made around the world. A Strictly annual makes an ideal gift for an avid dance fan or if you can’t get enough of all things ballroom then why not buy one for yourself and get inspired! Annuals are available in both hardback and paperback format.