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By fusing Japanese style with old-fashioned Americana imagery and high quality British tailoring, Superdry stands out from the rest of the fashion scene. A Superdry hoodie is recognisable not only for its quality and style, but its unique graphics and distinctive urban appeal.

Available for both men and women, Superdry hoodies offer wearers a modern look enhanced by attention to details. From zip-ups to pull-overs to fashion patterns, these hoodies make a lifestyle statement about quality, style and class.

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About Superdry Hoodies

Superdry is a UK clothing label owned by Supergroup plc. Supergroup plc is a British international clothing company founded in the UK in 1985 by Ian Hibbs and Julian Dunkerton. Supergroup plc also owns Cult. Superdry produces a wide range of clothes for men, women and children. Their products include a variety of different clothing in outerwear, tops, bottoms, accessories and shoes. They have clothing suitable for all seasons.

Superdry hoodies come in various different styles and designs. Their range includes both pullover hoodies as well as lightweight zip up hoodies. They are made in sizes from small to extra extra large. Typical colours used in Superdry hoodies include dark pastel shades of black, blue, brown, dark grey, green, grey, light grey, navy, purple and red as well as lighter variations in cream and white.

There is a wide array of designs that vary in colour, print design and location, and shape. Notable designs include the Vintage Logo hoodie, Keep it hoodie, Tokyo Brand hoodie, Selvedge hoodie, Orange Label hoodie, Scuba zip hoodie, Triathlon zip hoodie, Orange label zip hoodie, Track and Field zip hoodie and Japanese zip hoodie.

Most designs are exclusive to one kind of hoodie (either pullover or zip up), however there are some designs ? including the orange label range ? that have designs in both the pullover and zip varieties. Many are unisex designs that only differ in shape and fitting, however some are exclusive to one gender. Most, but not all hoodies, have side pockets or a pocket pouch. All hoodies have a drawstring hood, with the string varying in thickness dependent on design.

One of the most common is the Vintage Logo hoodie, only made in pull over variants. It comes in a choice of colours, with the colour of both the hoodie and the print varying from design to design. The cracked print reads ?Real Superdry, Trade. Mark. JPN? in their signature font and placement in the centre of the hoodie. All vintage logo hoodies also have Vintage Superdry logo tab on the cuff of the hoodie, with a drawstring hood and a front pouch pocket.

The Orange Label zip hoodie is also a common variety. This comes in both pull over and zip up designs. The Orange Label zip up hoodie has twin front pockets, a drawstring hood with a pop-colour drawstring, and a logo tab on the sleeve. A small Superdry logo is embroidered onto the breast.

The zip up hoodies can come in a variety of colours, normally with the drawstring and logo in a different colour to the body of the hoodie. The logo can vary from being either one colour or two. The pullover variant only differs in the fact it is without a zip, and has a front pouch pocket instead of twin pockets. These come in designs for both men and women, with the only difference being shape and colour variations.

Notable different hoodies include the high neck zip up hoodie. From the Orange Label range, it is similar to the Orange Label hoodies but differs in the fact that it has a zip that fastens much higher up the neck.