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Suzuki gz 125 hs marauder. Custom cruiser 125cc. Mx09dlj 2009. Single cylinder 4 stroke. Nice condition all round. Clean and tidy. Otherwise very tidy. 27,863 kms approx 17,500 miles.
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About Suzuki Marauder 125

One of Japan?s biggest vehicle manufacturers, the Suzuki Motor Corporation had relatively humble beginnings. The company was founded in 1905 by Michio Suzuki as a maker of looms for the booming Japanese silk industry. By the 1930s, Suzuki was looking to diversify and, seeing there was a market for small, compact cars, he oversaw the production of a number of prototypes. However, the Second World War put a halt to car production and the company went back to making looms after the conflict. The cotton market collapse of 1951 forced the company to look at other manufacturing possibilities and in 1952 Suzuki produced their Power Free. This was essentially a bicycle fitted with a 36cc two stroke engine, but the innovative gearing system enabled the rider to travel motor assisted, motor only, or just by pedal power. This was the true beginning of the Suzuki Motor Corporation. By 1954 the company was turning out 6,000 motorcycles each month. The Suzuki GZ series of cruiser style motorbikes was introduced in 1998 and includes the Suzuki GZ 125 Marauder. Featuring an air cooled, single overhead camshaft, chain driven and fuel efficient engine, the Marauder is designed to be an easy learning bike for beginners who don?t wish to start out riding scooters. Low and wide and having excellent stability, it is light and easy to control in addition to being sturdy and reliable. It offers a top speed of 65 mph, a 680 mm seat height and a 260 mile full tank range. It is a bike which offers a classic feel combined with a gentle learning curve. Available is a wide selection of used Suzuki GZ 125 Marauder models in various conditions, colours and ages, some with very low mileage.