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About Swimming Goggles

Prevent your eyes from becoming irritated from the water with a pair of swimming goggles from eBay. There are many different types of swimming goggles with different shaped and colour lenses available. The most common type of swimming goggles are gasket goggles. These are oval swimming goggles that fit the shape of the eye well and prevent water from entering the eye. They are particularly good for people who have a small face. Swedish swimming goggles are particularly popular with professional swimmers. They are very small and fit on the socket of the eye. This produces less drag than other types of swimming goggles. The different colours available are designed to be worn under different lighting conditions. Amber lenses are best when the light is very bright or very dull. Smoked lenses offer protection from very bright conditions, Clear lenses are worn in low light conditions as they do not filter out any of the light. Beat your best swimming time with a pair of swimming googles.