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About Tartan Scarves

A tartan scarf is a useful and versatile addition to any wardrobe or style. Manufactured or handmade, they are available in wool, cotton, and wool blends or in cotton/polyester, making them an easy-to-add accessory for any season. Show off your ancestral pride, your clan, or just select a few colours to coordinate with your wardrobe. Thrown around the shoulders in a cool breeze, a tartan scarf can add function as well as fashion. A tartan scarf wrapped around your waist is a great way to add colour to a solid dress. With a few simple ties, you can turn your scarf into a handbag or across-the-shoulder bag to carry those necessary items with you wherever you go. Consider draping a tartan scarf over a chair or sofa for a bit of a Highland touch, or sew one into a pillow for a unique home accessory. A wide variety of clan tartan scarves are available on eBay, which makes taking that first step to fashionable accessories and Scottish pride easy to do.