About The Mentalist

Look into Patrick Jane's eyes and all your deepest, darkest thoughts will no longer be a secret. Who is he? He is the psychic in the American television police drama series "The Mentalist". Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), is a psychic working in consultation with the California Bureau of Investigations to assist in their criminal profiling. Although not a policeman, Jane's psychological input is highly valued. Using his extremely highly developed skills of observation, he is able to help the Bureau to successfully close a number of cases. However, if the police were "mind readers", they would have realised that The Mentalist had his own agenda. Previous to helping the police he was himself a con-artist. He had built a profitable career, successfully pretending to be a psychic medium. Not satisfied with his moderate fame, he appeared on television claiming that he had paranormal abilities that helped the police to successfully profile a dangerous serial killer. Red John, the notorious killer, ridiculed by the claim of this sham medium, reacted by murdering Jane's wife and child. Here is something to profile Mr Psychic! Prove how good a clairvoyant you really are! Relinquishing his former career as a psychic, Jane admits that he faked the supernatural aspects of his previous occupation. Employing his naturally sharp skills of hypnotism, pickpocketing and power of convincing, The Mentalist is able to insinuate himself into cases that appear to involve his family's killer. Patrick Jane was a swindler who exploited his victims' trust. However, his keen sense of observation combined with his extensive knowledge of, and insight into human behaviour made him The Mentalist!

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