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About Timber Boards

Whether you are living in the middle of the city or deep in the countryside, chances are that you are surrounded by wood. Timber boards are used in countless different structures and buildings; they are under your feet, inside your walls, and propping up your tables. For those do-it-yourself enthusiasts, building these structures by one's self is an enjoyable pastime, but timber boards are an absolute necessity in doing so. There are a wide range of types of wood for these boards, from ash and beech to cedar and pine. Different woods have varying levels of hardness and some types are better than others for particular building activities. eBay not only offers many of these different types of wood, but also a variety of sizes as well, so even if you are looking for boards that are a few inches wide or those that are several feet wide, there are plenty of options. Timber boards are here to assist in all of your do-it-yourself building needs.