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About Tricycle

Kids love being on the move but if your little one isn’t quite ready for a bike then a tricycle is the perfect bridging ground. Kid’s tricycles come in a huge range of styles, designs and sizes so you’ll easily be able to find one to suit your child. Choose from delightful wooden tricycles fashioned to look like your child’s favourite animal that they can ride on in the home, to a ride on outdoor tricycle with storage and a handle for parents to push, to a roadster style tricycle in racy red that’s a perfect starting point for any budding boy or girl racer.

Tricycles have three wheels which means kids can balance easily when they ride them, so when your toddler is ready to go exploring on their own but not quite steady enough for a bike or scooter, then they’re really enjoy riding a trike. Tricycles are lots of fun for kids to play with, but they also help keep them active and develop essential life skills like hand to eye and motor coordination. So when you buy a tricycle for your child you’re not only giving yourself a break from pushing and carrying, you’re also giving them an opportunity to work on the essential skills they’ll need in later life.