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Placing a tub chair in your sitting room adds depth, character and a great conversation piece. From scooped out style to the small, stout legs, this chair is sure to bring feelings of nostalgia to all who see it.

The most common material used on a tub chair is leather, which opens up a large selection of colours and patterns to choose from. Some tub chairs are also metal and make great patio furniture.

About Tub Chairs

Get maximum comfort and style for your home living room or your office’s waiting room with a unique tub chair. With the back and arms forming one piece at the same height, the chair provides ultimate relaxation and durability. If your flat is styled with classic furniture, you'll find that a leather tub chair fits in perfectly with the decor. If you prefer modern styles, a plastic tub chair made from a single brightly-coloured solid piece adds the finishing touch you need for the room. Still, you'll find chairs made from leather, suede, and luxurious fabrics of all colours to match any style. From rounded tub chairs, to those with straight lines, and those with overstuffed cushions, you have no shortage of options for your flat. All types of tub chairs are readily available on eBay. Whether you're redecorating the interior of your home or need comfortable seating for a commercial space, a tub chair is the perfect fit.