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About Used Carp Fishing Tackle

Carp fishing is a very popular sport and there is plenty of used equipment freely available. There is a large selection of tackle available and you need to be aware of the potential size and weight of the fish you are expecting to catch and choose accordingly. The advantage of buying used carp fishing tackle is that you know it has been used to land carp before so you may be able to pick up tips of the trade from the previous owner. Used tackle is also significantly more cost effective than buying new and modern fishing equipment which can be very expensive. Carp fishing requires a lot of patience and having the correct all weather equipment is essential. At the very least you will need a rod, reel, line, hook, bait and net when fishing for carp. It is also important to have a form of shelter such as a bivvy or large umbrella to avoid exposure to the elements. Carp are an elusive fish and very hard to catch so having the right tackle and kit is very important. Carp are bottom feeders and the accepted to method of hooking them is to lure them with bait close to bottom. This a difficult task and when choosing your tackle you need to be confident that it will be able to cope with the environment.